Q. Can you clean Stucco?

A. No, not very well. Because of the porosity in stucco, dirt and pollutants become impregnated in stucco over time and cannot be removed effectively.

Q. Can you fix cracks in Stucco?

A. YES we can. Normally we fix cracks when we are performing a recoating job and changing the color. Most hairline cracks are not serious. If the structure has been previously painted, the cracks are usually in the material that was used during the painting and not in the stucco. Our sales represenatives can advise you on corrective actions.

Q. How long does a stucco job usually last?

A. Stucco is typically good for 15 years, depending on environmental conditions. Some colors that do not show dirt may have a longer life and are more maintenance-free.

Q. Can you match textures?

A. YES. There is no problem in doing so.

Q. Can stucco be applied in extremely cold temperatures or during very dry weather?

A. Typically, stucco work is done when the consistent temperature is over 40 degrees. Anything below that will affect the curing process. Freezing will occur and your stucco finish will probably be inferior or fail. Extremely dry temperatures are not a problem. The layers of stucco are sprayed with water for one or more days to keep a level of mositure witin the stucco while it cures, a process known as “moist curing.” If the stucco dries too quickly, the chemical hardening (“hydration”) will be incomplete resulting in a weaker and brittler stucco.

Q. How long will it take to do a conventional stucco job?

A. There are many variables involved in determining the time line on completing your stucco project. A lot depends on the condition of your current stucco, time of year, the amount of repairs requried and the size of your building. The first step is to prepare your building with water blasting and patching. The second phase is to apply a “scratch coat” to give your new stucco finish a good base. The third process or “brown coat” is used to level the surface. The final step or “color coat” is applied once the intitial phases have properly cured. From start to finish, a typical home can take up to two weeks to complete.